What Is My Epicondylitis Claim Worth?

Epicondylitis can be classed as a workplace injury if it can be proved that the injury was caused at work through the negligence of the employer.

Courts in the UK have found in favour of complainants that have made a claim for personal injury compensation, often on a no win no fee basis.

The amounts offered as compensation obviously varies based on the severity of the injury, and numerous other contributory circumstances.

Typical compensation claim amounts can be ascertained from the following list of successful cases as shown on the WRULD Database where complainants were successful in obtaining epicondylitis compensation claim amounts.

Epicondylitis compensation claim amounts


Case: King v Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Injury: Lateral and medial epicondylitis

Activity: Performing Shiatsu back and shoulder massage for aeroplane passengers

Amount awarded: £109,252.53


Case: McCord v Warman International Ltd

Injury: Lateral and medial epicondylitis

Activity: Handling sledge hammer at work

Amount awarded: £6,650.00


Case: Knott v Rugby Group plc

Injury: Left lateral epicondylitis

Activity: Using an orbital sanding machine

Amount awarded: £11,737.16


Case: Goldstraw v Lucas Automotive Ltd

Injury: Lateral epicondylitis of right elbow with diffuse forearm pain

Activity: Factory assembly line work

Amount awarded: £35,194.11


Case: Collins v British Aerospace Defence Ltd

Injury: Lateral epicondylitis

Activity: Using a lacquer gun

Amount awarded: £6,000.00